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Current version: 2.0
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Fast File Renamer is a freeware program that can help you with the tedious task of renaming large numbers of files. The program can be used by anyone who needs to keep large collections of files organized (such as mp3 files, image and graphics files, web-site-related files, system files).



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Simulate function
Fast File Renamer has a 'simulate' function which allows you to preview the effects of any changes without actually applying them to the real files. Fast file renamer also supports the use of the '*' wildcard character (inside the pattern which is to be deleted or replaced).

Fast File Renamer comes with its own installer/uninstaller, but you can also run it without installation or run it directly from a USB stick (just copy the program files to the external drive).

To add files to the list (of files to be renamed), you can use the 'Add files button', but you can also drag-drop multiple files, directories (or a combination of both) onto the list.
When you drop a directory onto the list, all files inside that directory will be added to the list as well as the files in all sub directories recursively.

License and platforms
Freeware for Windows XP, 7, Vista, 200x, NT, 98, ME, Linux/wine and all current 64 bit editions of Windows. This program is freeware for corporate and personal use, so you can run this program in any commercial or non-commercial setting.

Download Fast File Renamer
You can download Fast File Renamer here.

Online and downloadable manuals are available here.

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Usage and license
This program is freeware for corporate (business, government, non-profit, etc.) and personal use.
You can freely include (and distribute) this program on Websites, DVD's, CD-Rom's, etc. provided you do not modify the program's .zip file and it must be clear that the program is freeware or shareware.
You can distribute and include this program as part of shareware/freeware collections provided you do not modify the program's .zip file.

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